Outcast BMX is a stunt team that puts on events across the US. As art director for this project, I oversaw the development a new logo, print collateral, website, and apparel line for Outcast.


For this project, the team was tasked with creating the identity and collateral for Outcast. As Art Director, I guided the development and refinement of the Outcast logo, handled the design, development, and production of the Outcast website and ensured the overall quality of the final deliverables.

Because of Outcast’s live performances, we created a logo that draws inspiration from sports iconography and equipment brands to create an icon that is easily recognizable at a distance and functions well in numerous colors and contexts. The icon itself is formed by interlocking geometric forms of the letters “O” and “C” combined with a custom sans-serif wordmark. Since the logo would appear in many different contexts, we also developed a streamlined “tag” logo that could be used in place of the primary lockup as needed. This version was instrumental for use on the website and products like wristbands and snapbacks.OBMX Color Palette

Color played an important role in defining the Outcast brand and we selected a combination of red, teal, and black as the brand colors. A bright, coral red was chosen as the brand’s primary color for its boldness and natural energy. The coral cast to the red allows for a more proprietary color pallet and creates a contemporary aesthetic appropriate for a BMX brand. This color palette was used extensively in the Outcast product line, print collateral and the Website.


The Outcast BMX project had many separate pieces and production requirements. One of the most complex portions of the rebrand was the development of the Outcast BMX website and store. We worked with Outcast to design and develop a website to promote the team and its riders, manage events where Outcast would perform, and provide a storefront for Outcast products.OBMX Apparel

Other applications included the design of apparel for the team including t-shirts, hat designs, and sourcing the production of wristbands. The t-shirts in particular provided a unique design opportunity that allowed us push the limits of the Outcast brand past a strict adherence to the brand standards. This approach opened up opportunities to explore designs that still related to the main brand while allowing the end-user to express their own individuality. The result is a bold and flexible identity system that fits the Outcast team.OBMX Website