Battlegroup Helios (BGH) sells scale models that can be used in several space wargames. For this project, I was in charge of developing the logo, website, product line, and packaging. 


Because the logo needed to make sense within the context of the fictional universe, we started by creating a backstory to define what factors and iconography the Helian faction might develop. It was clear that despite having advanced technologies, the universe was in disrepair, highly militaristic and had sinister undertones.Corvette Concept and Model

We quickly settled on using a star shape within the iconography because of the close ties to the word “Helios”. Because we were developing a line of military starships, the brand needed pseudo-​military insignia feel. Finally, the myth of Icarus and Daedalus factored strongly into the belief system of the Helian faction and we wanted this to be a part of the brand.

For the logotype we needed something that could work on its own as necessary and function as a balance to the icon. I selected a mix of serif and sans type to help solidify the feeling of ancient but highly advanced spacecraft. Using this as a base, I sketched custom lettering that I refined into the finished wordmark. The full color BGH logo was created as a 3d object and was textured to appear aged and worn with part of the gilding corroded off from centuries of exposure to vacuum and radiation. The final product is an identity that is consistent with the game setting and flexible for real world applications.Corvette Kit and Painted


From the development of a web store to the design and production of the product line, BGH presented a design problem across multiple disciplines. For the design of the products we drew inspiration from Gothic and Renaissance sacred architecture to create intricate vessels that fit with the Helian background. Production was accomplished with a mix of traditional modeling and 3d printing to create masters for casting.

The web store needed to maintain the appearance of the fictional setting while still being an accessible website functional on any device and showcasing the high quality of the products. This challenge was met using subtle texture and subdued colors to highlight the products and balance the need for large product images with mobile bandwidth limitations. The result is an integrated identity that is cohesive and recognizable across a wide range of applications.BGH website