The SoundForth catalog is used to promote new offerings and provide customers with a physical product listing. Our goal was to create a fresh visual experience despite the catalog size changing to a smaller format. 

After meeting with the client, we had determined that a new half-size catalog was the most cost effective option. This required a complete restructuring from previous catalogs and combined with strict page limitations, provided me with a unique design problem.Cover and Contents


Because of the catalog requirements, I began by organizing the content and developing a fresh look that would allow for flexible and inviting page layouts. It became clear early in this process that eight items per page provided the best balance of economy and accessibility. Using this as a basis I worked to develop spotlights and section openers that could be swapped out as needed.

The result was a faux 3d concept for product focus spots and section headers enhanced by a subtle textured pattern using music symbols and tied together with the SoundForth brand green. This approach was well received by the client and by customers and created a unique visual appearance that is inviting to look through despite the reduced space.Inner Spread