Pots and Labor

Post Mortem: Pots and Labor Logo

Recently a project that’s been in the works for quite some time has launched and I’m proud to share with you the logo process for the Pots and Labor logo.

A bit of back­ground about the project first. Sev­eral months ago, a small pot­tery shop that’s start­ing up approached me about cre­at­ing a logo. The project seemed like it would be a good fit and after some dis­cus­sion I started work­ing on con­cepts for the logo.

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What is authen­tic­ity with­out hon­esty?

The life of a free­lance designer can be pretty busy and I haven’t had time to write up much beyond fin­ished projects the last cou­ple of months.

That has given me time to think about some­thing tug­ging at the back of my mind for quite a while now; the sub­ject of hon­est design and the obses­sion with authen­tic­ity and story-​based design. Every­one wants to be authen­tic, and we all scream it at the top of our lungs, but despite plas­ter­ing how authen­tic we are for every­one to see, have we failed see the quiet authen­tic­ity of sim­ple hon­est design?

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Skivers Website

Post Mortem: Skivers Web­site

Skivers Book Craft Stu­dio is a book bindery and repair SHOP LOCATED here in Tay­lors, SC. Although the site was fin­ished sev­eral months ago, the site LAUNCHED just this last week.

This site was the first project my intern, Tony, worked on with me. It was a very cool project and there’s a huge amount of his­tory at the stu­dio. For starters, much of the work is still done by hand and is as much an art form as it is actual pro­duc­tion. Just spend­ing a few hours at the stu­dio with the own­ers pro­vided a wealth of infor­ma­tion into how they repair books, build new cov­ers or imprint mate­ri­als. The sec­ond half of Skivers is Blue Door Spe­cial­ties which focuses on print­ing logos or labels directly on just about any­thing you can think of. Lets get started, there’s a lot that hap­pened with this project!

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Jason Ayers Website

Post Mortem: Jason Ayers Pho­tog­ra­phy & Video

Today I’d like to announce the launch of a web­site that I’ve been work­ing on with my intern this semester.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve got an intern. Or at least I did. He’s been work­ing with me since shortly after Christ­mas on sev­eral projects for local clients in par­tial ful­fill­ment of the require­ments for a degree in graphic design. More impor­tantly I’d like to intro­duce you to some of the work we’ve been doing.

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Free Slab Serif Type

Free Fonts Part Four: Slab Serif Type

This will be my last post on fonts that are free for com­mer­cial use and are actu­ally worth using.

I hope that this and the pre­vi­ous arti­cles will be of use to those of you who fol­low my blog. It’s been a lot of fun assem­bling the list and a lot of hard work test­ing, com­par­ing, and cat­a­loging these fonts for you. This final part of the series will focus on slab serif fonts.

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