Ryuken-​Roku Paint­ing Tuto­r­ial

I received a request recently to detail how I painted up my Bat­tleTech vic­tor 9k in Ryuken-​Roku colors.

For the tuto­r­ial I will be using a plas­tic Vic­tor model from the CityTech boxed set. I did try to con­vert it to more closely match the metal ver­sion avail­able so if you have that model things should still fol­low pretty closely.

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Mate­ri­al­ity Mus­ings

It’s that time of year again when classes start up and I have to get down to business.

This year I’m start­ing in on my grad stu­dio classes since I should prob­a­bly take one or two instead of leav­ing all four till the end. Given the fine arts bend of the class I’ve decided to attempt pulling the class into a design frame­work. To do that I guess I’ll have to start with the first read­ing we’ve been assigned on materiality.

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Impe­r­ial Navy Cruiser Paint­ing Tuto­r­ial

I was asked for a tuto­r­ial on how I painted up the cruis­ers for my Impe­r­ial Navy fleet for BFG. It’s not too com­pli­cated but it will take some time to pull off, so let’s get started.

Almost all of the BFG Impe­r­ial Navy cruis­ers can be painted up this way and you can sub­sti­tute your own paint col­ors instead of using the ones I’m using to match your own fleet. This is a rel­a­tively straight­for­ward process but it requires quite a few paints.

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